All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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R. Miller - Return flights to Spain

"Wow I've won something!!! I'm normally the most unluckiest guy in the world so there is still hope"

I. Mcalpine - Top 10 album CDs

"This is one of the few prizes where I can keep all three of my kids happy. At 6, 11 and 14 they have a wide range of music tastes and this top ten cd albums prize can.t fail to find something for all of them. Funny how they all like me at the moment and I now have a house full of music experts..."

D. Lancaster - Introductory flying lesson

"Brilliant, Fantastic news. I wanted this prize for my father for Christmas. He will be over the moon. Thanks very much Win4now"

L. Brown - £20 birthday draw

"Thank You! It may not be a lot of money but you've just made an old cynic very happy. You enter all these comps with no real hope of winning but do more out of habit and... well, you never know do you...?! You might have guessed, I don't win many comps but enter loads, so Thankz! Again!"

M. Brazier - Portable DVD player

"Hi! This is great news as I have only been a member a short while and is the first thing I have won in a competition. Many Thanks Again"

N. Evans - £20 birthday draw

"Joy, Just to say thank you kindly for my winning cheque, it was a pleasure to receive - Best Regards"

A. Taylor - £20 birthday draw

"Hi, Just to let you know I received the cheque on Friday, thank you very much. It's the first time I have ever won anything!"

L. Mann - £20 birthday draw

"I am delighted to be a prize winner of £20 in your birthday draw. This is the first competition I have ever won. I will continue to enter your competitions and hope for the best second time round. Thanks"

O. Avantaggiato - Our 'Win your age in cash' competition

"I am delighted to have won and as I am moving house soon I shall buy something nice for my new home with my winnings thank you very much"