All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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D.Peters of Norfolk - Birthday Draw Winner

"I would just like to thank you for making my birthday even more special. I was absolutely thrilled to be a winner of the monthly birthday draw and to have my birthday date as the winner made it more special.This is the first time that I have won so hopefully now my luck will change and this has started my ball rolling in the lucky streak.Thank you Win4now."

C.Hunt of Dumfriesshire - Collection of Personal Care Items Winner

"I am thrilled to have won something as I have only been with Win4now for 2 months. I never expected to be so lucky so soon! I hope this gives others who are trying some hope of a win soon!"

M.Thurlby of East Sussex - Accident Kit Winner

"This prize is invaluable as I am learning to drive, and this will be a great addition to my first car!!!"

L.Clarkson of Berkshire - Birthday Draw Winner

"Many thanks once again. This has made my day as it was totally unexpected and to be honest I had forgotten that I had filled out the birthday chart."

L.Gray of Northamptonshire - Winner of Band Starter Kit

"I'm writing to thank you for making it so easy to win prizes! Recently, I won my first ever prize competition. A band starter kit! The budding musicians in the family are delighted with their new equipment, and I can't believe it happened! I was honestly sceptical about winning anything - especially 'on the net'. Win4now has proved my suspicions wrong and I am sooo glad!Thanks again to all the team at Win4now for brightening up the day for lots of youngsters - and myself!P.S. Sorry I didn't send this before.. more of my time is spent learning the guitar these days!"

A. Arnott - A Secret Admirer for Valentine's Day

"Hello Joy, AYE! Just had a tooth extracted ! This will take my mind off the throbbing, Wish I HAD BOUGHT A LOTTERY THAT DAY ? Good to WIN something after all the competitions that I have tried, better than a kick up the backside !"

M. Hughes - Pocket camcorder and an MP3 player

"Thank you very much for your email I am over the moon with this prize and will continue to enter the competitions on your web site, it gives great encouragement to other people to see a site that lets the real people win something and not some rip off scam. Once again thank you very much."

D. Burmeister - Kodak digital camera, plus printer dock & photo paper

"Hi Joy! What an appropriate name you have, as it was with GREAT JOY that I received your e-mail informing me of my win! I will state the obvious by saying "I have Never won anything before..." because it's true! It is a truly wonderful, wonderful prize, in fact too wonderful for my PC hence I can't send a photo with this even though my prize was a fantastic Kodak digital camera! My PC has not kept up with the times but I promise to send you a photo as soon as I upgrade my PC! Thank you so much to Win4now & I will continue to support & enter as soon as I get this "Snail" of a PC working!

All I can say to people reading this is, "Don't give up, it very much COULD be you!!" Thanx again & Pic to follow!! Yours Gratefully!!!"

J. Thompson - Foot spa and pamper gels

"Thank you so much for the e-mail, it was so exciting to read that I had won a prize. I can hardly believe I have won something, can't wait to use it. Thanks again."