All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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S.Johnson - Free Car Service

"What a fantastic surprise! Being a poor student this helps me out greatly! Thanks."

V.Raeburn - Free Travel Insurance

"You won't believe this but it's the first competition I've ever won....(apart from the odd £10 on the lottery that is)....hope it's the first of many. Again thanks."

W.Curry - Win Your Age in Cash

"Thanks to Win4now its great to win something at last."

S.McDermott - Deluxe Water Filter System

"Many thanks for letting me know that my prize was on its way. I am delighted that I have finally won a competition!! Thanks again."

R.Dale - An Eerie Night Hunting Ghosts

"Wow, can't believe I've actually won. I'll look forward to my night out hunting ghosts."

K.Anderson - Sony Digital DVD Handycam Camcorder

"Wooo hoooooooooooooo nice one, looks like my luck's actually changing for once, thanks a lot for the prize."

G.Sharman - £20 in Birthday Draw

"My £20 Birthday cheque duly arrived. Absolutely delighted with it. It was actually my husband's birth date that was drawn, so I have given the money to him. My conscience wouldn't let me keep it, but we put it towards a lovely meal which we both enjoyed. Still enjoy entering all your competitions and am waiting on the biggy arriving one day....."

J.Bamberger - Samsung 15 Inch LCD Television

"Thank you for the prize of the 15 inch LCD Television. It was great to win a prize after entering so many competitions. Once again thanks."

A.Overend - £300 to Spend at Swarovski Online

"I have entered lots of your competitions and never thought for a minute I would actually win anything, so imagine my amazement when I read your e-mail comfirming I had won a prize! I was overjoyed and still am as I've never won anything before! What a lovely feeling.I thankyou for giving me the opportunity to enter these competitions and of course to winning them. Here's to many more."