All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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D.Williams - £20 Birthday Draw

"WOW can't believe I've actually won something, even if its a little prize this time. My daughter is so chuffed. It was her Birthday so she will be having the money to buy what she wants with it. So here's hoping for a bigger prize next time. Thank you so very much I only came across the email recently so didn't realise we had won. Once again thank you, better go and enter more competitions now."

Harvest Festival Hamper

D.Webster - Harvest Festival Hamper

"As one who never wins anything I thought it was a hoax when I received an email saying I'd won a Hamper. I expected a small, cheaply made up hamper. Imagine my delight when I received it and found it contained luxury food and drink items, nothing but the best in quality and mostly organic. From champagne to venison, salmon to vintage port, 12 year old malt whisky to smoked duck and chicken. The list goes on forever. Brilliant surprise and my dog enjoyed it as well."

S.Medforth - The Graduate DVD and Film Soundtrack

"Many thanks for the e-mail informing me of my prize.Its great to win anything but especially so at this time of year."

J.Watts - Apple iPod Nano

"I was really delighted when I opened the email from Win4now on Friday last which said I had won an IPod Nano.What a lovely early christmas present! Thank you so much."

A.King - Brain Busting Prizes

"I have just received your email. It came as a very nice surprise to find that I have won a prize in your anagram competition.My Mrs didn't believe me even after showing her the email, you see, "nobody ever wins prizes on line". Well thanks to you guys I can now finally prove her wrong.I'm off to do the lottery, see if I can win that too.Thank you very much."

L.Ribberlink - Free Car Service

"It's always exciting to log in to Win4now because of the prizes on offer. Having won a prize will make the anticipation even greater. Thank you again and I have already told my friends about your website and they are entering your competitions as well (although without results so far)."

S.Moffitt - Unique Photobook

"Very excited to know that I've won something from entering a competition on Win4now. Thanks very much."

D.Fretwell - Bottle of Champagne

"What a nice surprise to win something for a change. Initially I thought it was a windup, but having spoken to Joy, I now believe it to be true. I have only recently got involved with the competitions on the internet and feel that it has already proved worthwhile. I shall continue to keep in contact and hope you have an enjoyable 5th year. Thanks to everyone. All the Very Best.Just a quick line to say Many thanks for the bottle of champagne that arrived this morning. My wife and I will certainly enjoy drinking to your health and a successful year for you all at Win4now."

S.Davis - £1001 Cash

"“To every sceptic out there – this is for real! I couldn’t believe it when I was notified that I had won the competition, just in time for Christmas too. Thanks Win4now!” Thanks again."