All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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J. Watts - A Years' Breakdown Insurance

"I was thrilled to open an email saying that I had won a years' car breakdown cover. It was really useful as my breakdown insurance had just run out. I will now be entering competitions every month. Thank you Win4now!"

A. Jones - Car Valet Kit

"Thank you for your email to say that I have won a car valet kit, I have been entering these competitions everyday for 4 years and this is the first thing that I have won. I am very excited and cannot wait to receive my prize."

M. Sackman - Car Valet Kit

"Thank you very much for the notification. This has happened just at the right time as I am almost completely out of all my car cleaning items."

S.Ralph - £20 in Birthday Draw

"Thank you so much my son is delighted with his prize."

E.Cleasby - £20 Birthday Draw

"Just wanted to say that I am thrilled to be a winner of this prize. It is my Son's birthday on March 16th, and he will be 18, so this is a very unexpected surprise for him, as well."

Ratatouille DVD

R.Dales - Ratatouille DVD

"Thanks for that; looking forward to receiving my Ratatouille DVD. It was a great surprise to receive my winner notification email - now I can't keep away from the Win4now website & I'm entering everything I can!"

G.Thorpe - A Selection of Organic Drinks

"Brill.!!! To receive an e-mail from the lovely Joy at Win4now telling me I had won a prize was a great feeling. I can't stop telling my friends about it, thanks again. Keep up the good work."

J.Chapman - Tom Tom One Sat Nav System

"I am very happy to learn I have won the Tom Tom Sat Nav system. It is a prize I will find very helpful as I travel alone regularly and I won’t need to worry about getting lost anymore. I have been using the Win4now website for a short while and I wasn’t sure how genuine the site was, but now I know that anyone can win from a free entry. I will happily continue to enjoy the site as well as tell my friends and family about this site and my good luck. Many thanks."

E.Hooper - Ratatouille DVD

"Just received Ratatouille DVD, my Grandson is over the moon about it, and we are just about to watch it. Thank you very much."