All Winner's Comments

Here's are a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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S.Kirk - A Glodoodle Toy

"Just goes to prove you've got to be in it to win. Look forward to more competitions. Once again thanks."

S.Parveen - A Harry Potter DVD Box Set

"Thanks for the good news. I really look forward to receiving my gift. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter anyway so I love this prize. Thanks once again."

A.Steel - A Glodoodle Toy

"I was so excited when I heard that I won the "Win a Glodoodle Toy" I can't wait for it to get here. Thanks."

A Glodoodle Toy

A.Sutherland - A Glodoodle Toy

"Whoopee, I've won what good news!!!!!!! Thank you. I have been a comper for only 3 months, and must have 180 competitions on the go at any one time. When I retired I was lost, no daily routine, nothing to do all day,then I started comping. It gave me a purpose and I look forward to each morning logging on and finding my inbox full of new comps to enter. Once again, thank you."

J.Carr - A Harry Potter DVD Box Set

"This was great news to know I had won a prize. It just goes to show that persevering does ultimately pay off and that the competitions are real. Thanks very much."

B.Saxby - A Glodoodle Toy

"Thanks Win4now. I've had a bad day and receiving this mail telling me I have won a Glodoodle has cheered me up no end."

M.Burkin - A Glodoodle Toy

"Hi: Wow what a lovely suprise. First time I've ever won anything! Thank you Win4now, your site is definitely my favourite now! Mary"

A.Sheppard - A Glodoodle Toy

"Thank you so much Win4now! I was shocked to have won something but pleased as it goes to show that you can get lucky sometimes. Its great to get the email saying you've won as you don't have to check everyday and be disappointed that you haven't. Its just a great surprise when you do. Looking forward to entering more competitions."

J.Guthrie-Tate - A Glodoodle Toy

"Lovely news, thank you so very much. I have never won anything before and my daughter will just love this. Thank you again."