All Winners' Comments

Here's a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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"Just to say how delighted I am to have won this prize. My son is thrilled and can't wait for it to arrive. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."
J. Gell - The Hulk game

prize "I'm delighted to have won something really useful on the Win4now site. I've been wanting to get a good digital camera for many months and at last I can afford to have one.

Thank you for your kindness in getting my prize to me in time for me to get the camera that I wanted, which as you know was on a time-limited special offer.

Incidentally, I know that these competitions are genuine, because it's not the first time I've won anything - but it's certainly the biggest prize I've had, and somewhat preferable to the subscription to FHM that I won a couple of years ago on another site ;-)"
H. Banks of Cornwall - prize

"I am really pleased to have won something at last. It will be great to have a professional service on the car. I hope that this will be the first of many wins."
S. Page of Buckingham - Free car service

"Thank you so much for the email. I'm delighted to have won a prize. My husband is always teasing me about doing competitions: he says the prizes don't exist and, even if they did, the odds against winning are enormous. He's even promised to shave off his beard if I win a big money prize, so I'm entering all the competitions I can! So far this year, I've won this prize, some holiday and restaurant vouchers, 2 free flights to Paris and a cheque for £10."
J. Anderson - Free car service

"The last year has been a real trial for me what with one thing and another, so your e-mail notifying me of my win was a really wonderful surprise, right out of the blue!!! It left me with a warm feeling and its great to win something that I need and will use."
C. Hobbs of Bristol - 5 years of breakdown cover

"When I first saw your e-mail informing me that I had won a Sony Home Cinema system, I had to call my wife Margaret, to ask her to read it to me aloud. I am still on cloud seven as I type this e-mail. No doubt the System will be hijacked by our grandchildren for their films. Thank you to all at Win4Now!"
M. Brooks - Sony Home Cinema system

"I was thrilled to hear that I had won a Harry Potter Book. I am sure that my grandson will get as much pleasure from reading it, as I will to have won it."
P. Sims - The latest Harry Potter book

"I am really thrilled to win this competition, as I love Harry Potter!"
L. Millar - The latest Harry Potter book

"I would just like to say how pleased I am to have won the harry potter book... this is my first win online and my grandson will be very happy!"
S. Rees of Glamorgan - The latest Harry Potter book

"I didn't believe it at first when I received your email - I enter so many competitions and have never won anything. So I asked my boyfriend to read it as well. I just phoned the number and confirmed my address and that was it. I can't wait to receive the new Harry Potter book. I shall enter all your competitions from now on."
S. Hipkin - The latest Harry Potter book