All Winners' Comments

Here's a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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"Thank you for my Atkins Diet books. This is so apt, as I wanted to try this diet in the New Year. Here's to a successful 2004. Many thanks."
A. Homa - A collection of Atkins Diet books

"It was a lovely suprise to hear I had won, cheered me up on a bleak day. Merry Xmas."
S. Woodward-Clarke - Teddy Bear winners

"Thank u for the £50 prize hope u all have good xmas as i will now thanks again."
J. Maynard - Our £50 random phone call prize

Panasonic Widescreen TV "Having never won so much as a raffle in my life, I was astounded to hear [from Win4Now's prize supplier]. They have confirmed that a lovely new TV will be delivered to us on Christmas eve. We can give our 'old crate' the heave and enjoy our Christmas viewing in style this year. Thank you!"
R. Malcolm - Panasonic Widescreen TV

"Thanks for the Prize received yesterday. I am delighted with it and although I have no kids, I have found a home for it. Thanks again and all the very best for Christmas and the New Year."
M. McPhail - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure

"Just to confirm Turtle prize received today thank you. My son has already laid claim on it, sadly he is 17 and 6' 2" tall! Thanks again."
K. Foreman - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure

"What a fab prize to have won and just before christmas. This will be a great gift for my niece. Thanks again."
S. Beynon - Bratz Doll

"This is fantastic news that I have won again. This is the 2nd time in less than 4 months that I have won with you, let's hope it's not the last. This will make a great gift for my nephew. Thank you once again. Merry Xmas and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. I certainly will, I'm sure."
P. Wheeler - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure

"I got home from work yesterday to discover my new bear waiting for me. He is very soft and cuddly, and my four year old daughter is particularly pleased to have him in the house. I suspect he may be moving onto her bed soon! Let's hope I win one of the big prizes soon :o)"
S. Silsby - Teddy Bear

"I won my first prize of a beautiful teddy bear this week - my son loves it to bits and I love your competition site."
J. King - Teddy Bear