All Winners' Comments

Here's a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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"What a way to start the day, I couldn't believe it when I found out! The prizes are going to be shared out amongst the family, Dad - DVD Player, Mum gets the TV, and my husband and I are going to keep the Personal CD Player. Thank you so much what a fabulous prize!! Yours very thankfully."
N.Hardman of Cambridgeshire - Essential Entertainment Package

"I never win anything, so ... WOW!! And the lady in your office is so charming... can't wait to receive the cheque!!"
S.Brayfield of Tyne and Wear - Pair of Football Tickets to See Favourite Team

"I was so shocked to have won a prize that I nearly deleted the email I received. The juicer I won is great, the kids love it. The new site is great and I hope to enter loads of new competitions very soon."
K.Perfitt of Co.Durham - Breville Juicer

"I still can't believe I actually won - I've been pinching myself all day expecting to wake up! Thank you so much for the opportunity, very much appreciated."
N.Anderson of Kent - Nintendo DS Game Console

"Wow! I cannot express how amazed I am at winning. When I entered I didn't think I had a chance of winning. This is really great. Thank you very much."
S.Aldridge of Kent - Pair of Football Tickets to See Favourite Team

"What an absolute surprise, it made my morning. You hear of so many scams, this shows this site is well worth a visit. I had forgotten all about entering."
A.Price of Greater Manchester - Pair of Football Tickets to See Favourite Team

"Thanks so much Win4now - not only is this a great prize but it's one I was going to buy anyway, so I can now go and buy something else - a double happy winner!"
M.Payne of Essex - Fresh Funky House Anthems CD

"Thanks for the email informing me of a win in this competition. I enter but I don't really believe that ordinary people like me actually win prizes. I am sure I will get lots of pleasure out of playing bang up to date cd tracks. Thanks once again."
A.Lawson of Suffolk - Fresh Funky House Anthems CD

"Just to tell you how excited I am to be a winner of an Accident Kit. This is my first ever win at anything, so it means a lot to me, thanks again, and I hope this is the first win of many!!!!"
S.Kent of Cumbria - Accident Kit

"I was so shocked when I received your email I thought it was some sort of joke! Never won anything before. Thanks for a great prize!"
E.Futcher of Avon - PSP Console Plus 2 Games