All Winners' Comments

Here's a list of the comments we've received from the lucky people who've won one of the competitions on this site.

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"i recieved the champagne thanks - a very pleasant surpise!!!"
G Prail - Birthday Champagne

"Thanks for your email, I'm delighted that i won the Football Manager Prize"
T Melhuish - Sega football manager

"Thank you for my prize sega football manager 2006 and goodies"
J Buckley - Sega football manager 2006

"Thankyou very much for the e-mail saying that i have won,i enter a lot of competitions but never win anything and the champagne will come in good use because its my husbands birthday in nov and mine in december,"
M Line - Birthday Champagne

"I cant belive i have won this prize as i dont often go in for many competitions just goes to show anyone can win. big thanks"
B.Caulkett - Years worth of fuel

"Thank you for my prize sega football manager 2006 and goodies"
R Buckley - Football Goodies

"Nice to talk to you a few minutes ago and I am delighted to win something for a change! This has really brightened up a horrible wet and windy day.... thank you!"
R Stanley - Birthday Champagne

"The cheque arrived this morning and I would just like to give all at Win4now a great big thank-you!!"
M Larlham - After dark patio heater

"I was shaking with excitement when I saw my name as the Daily Star Winner. I just couldn't believe it! I have never won a £100 before and it just feels great! So for all of those who are members of win4now, visit the site everyday and don't give up. And for those who haven't joined the site yet, register now and start winning! Thumbs up for win4now!"
M Jones - £100 starwinner

"I couldn't beleive my luck when I won but then I thought, 'what's the snag?'It was a pleasant suprise to talk to the very friendly staff at the claims centre who promised me my prize would be dispatched straight away. I was still waiting for the catch 2 days later when my prize arrived but, to my delight there wasn't one ! :-) Thanks to all......."
S Young - Faithless Album